Dal lake a little pearl of heaven

Dal Lake A Little Perl Of HeavenDal Lake
Dal Lake is situated in Srinagar, which is the capital of Jammu and Kashmir. This lake is the second largest lake in the state named as “jewel in the crown of Kashmir”. This lake stands as an important source of commercial things such as water plant harvesting and fishing. The Lake Contains floating gardens called as “Rad” in kashmiri. The lake covers about an area of 18sq.km including floating gardens. Dal Lake consists of mughal gardens. The wetland comprises of four basins bod dal, Lokut dal,Nagin and gagribal out of these nagin is considered as an independent lake.
The lake covers 316km in the Zabarwan mountain valley, which is in the foothills of zabarwan range. It lies in the east north of the Srinagar city. The lake covers an area of 316 square kilometres in the Zabarwan mountain restriction on the flow of the lake has resulted,that marshy lands have emerged on the peripheral zones, in the foothill areas of the Zaharbwan hills Shankaracharya . All of these marshy lands have been reclaimed and are now converted in residential complexes. The ecosystem of this Lake is ecologically rich in submergerd macrophytes, macrophytes, phytoplankton, macrophyte flora and floating macrophytes are recorded in this lake marshland and aquatic species consists of total 117 species, belonging to 42 families and 62 genere. Fishing industry on this Lake is the second largest industry in the region and is a centre to many of the people livelihoods who are dependent on the lake as reservoir. This lake’s commercial fisheries are almost dependent on carp fish species, which were brought into the lake in during 1957. As a result, 70% of all the fish caught in the lake are carp fish only while the schizothonax contributes 20% and other species gives for 10%. Catching of the fish is done from a wooden fishing boat which is made up of deodar, normally 20ft in size. The continous decline in quality of the lake water from pollution is resulting in lower fish stocks and extinction of various varieties of fish. Dal Lake exists in middle of the Srinagar city and is well connected by air links as well as road links. The nearest airport, which connects other major cities in the country, is about 7 km away at Badgam. The nearest railway station is at Jammu about 300 kms away. The National highway connects Kashmir valley with rest of the country. Shikaras provide service available to see the sights in the Dal Lake (water taxi) and to approach the houseboats moored on the lake Peripher.
Apart from dal lake there are many more places in India to explore.To know more about places in india please visit here.​


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