Chhattisgarh Tourism

Chhattisgarh Tourism

Chhattisgarh is a state yet with old society, which can be knowledgeable about the recorded stays in the state. Chhattisgarh state is extremely rich in common attractions, for example, woodland, mountains, untamed life and waterfalls. This green state covers an extensive variety of woodland i.e. 43.33% and its one of the well known wealthiest bio assorted qualities in nation. Separated from bio differences you can encounter here numerous vacation destinations.

Best Places to visit in Chhattisgarh

Chitrakote falls

The celebrated chitrakote falls is otherwise called Niagra Falls of India and has got the title of being the most stretched out waterfall in India. It is 38 km from jagdalpur and can be arrived at by street just. A standout amongst the most stunning perspectives of chitrakote waterfalls is amid the rainstorm when the waterway streams in its constrain and touches both the banks. The best to visit chitrakote falls is amid rainstorm.

Indrāvati National Park

Indaravati National park is placed in bastar area which is 296 km from jagdalpur. Its chiefly known as a tiger is found on the banks of Indrāvati stream and has a vegetation of blended deciduous woodland with meadow. This National park is covers a territory of 2800km approx. It is renowned for its extensive variety of natural life including spotted dear, tiger, jaguar, yelping dear, dark buck, swine deer, gaur, jackal, hyena and a lot of people more. Indrāvati national park can be effortlessly arrived at from jagdalpur.

Achanakmar untamed life Sanctuary

Achanakmar untamed life scantuary is arranged in Chhattisgarh.the haven involves number of jeopardized species creatures including wild buffalo, Bengal tiger and leopards.this national park is a piece of bilaspur backwoods division in northwest Chhattisgarh. Achanamar is 70km far from bilaspur which can be effectively approached through road.the best time to visit this park is between Octobers to May.

Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary

Baranawapara untamed life haven is found in North West piece of mahasamund region of Chhattisgarh. It is one of the finest natural life havens in locale. This park covers approx 245km of the timberland zone including wild creatures like sloth bears, fox, panther, tiger, wild pig, Sāmbhar, flying squirrel, wild mutts, buffalo, chital and a lot of people more. The closest air terminal from the haven is Raipur (90km).the asylum can be effectively arrived at by street which unites barnawapara through patewa Nh6.the best time to visit this haven is in the mid year season between Marches to June.


Champaran which was beforehand known as champajhar in Raipur area has an aged and religious importance. It is the origin of paragon of piety vallabhacharya the author and reformer of the vallabh order. The sanctuary is built in his honor. Amid the month of Magh (January-February) a yearly reasonable is held here this is the best time to visit this sanctuary a ton of traveler gets pulled in amid this time.

Bhoramdeo Temple

Bhoramdeo sanctuary is arranged in the mountains cut on the rough stones in nagar styles. The bhoramdeo sanctuary is devoted to master Shiva. The middle purpose of fascination in this sanctuary is shiva linga cut in the sanctuary it draws in the guests a considerable measure. This sanctuary is likewise called khajuraho of Chhattisgarh on the grounds that it has a likeness with it. The sanctuary is well known for its construction modeling and figure. It is 116km from Raipur capital of Chhattisgarh sanctuary can be effortlessly arrived at by street in 2 hours.

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